Fast PRC ID Renewal - Do It Online!

PRC ID renewal
Just got renewed for another 3 years!
Yesterday I got my renewed PRC ID from the main office in Manila. The process was relatively quick - I finished everything in just 1 hour and 20mins. Want to know how I did it? Read below. :)

Book An Appointment Online and Pay

This is the most important step. Without this, you have to line up and do everything manually at their office. To accomplish this:

2. Register for a new account. Then sign in using the new account you generated.
3. Fill out all the details in the form. 
4. Add your photo. You can have this taken beforehand. Here are the guidelines for online photo upload:

PRC ID online renewal
Photo from
5. Save and confirm your profile.
6. Click the SELECT TRANSACTION button and fill out the RENEWAL form.
7. PAY YOUR TRANSACTION. You have the option to pay via bank deposit, Bayad Center, or online.
8. PRINT your claim stub!

For more information on how to apply for renewal online, Read This Article.

Claim Your ID at the PRC Main Office* 

*For professionals in the province, please go to your regional office.

You don't have to go to the PRC Main Office personally if you're busy. You can authorize somebody to claim it for you. That person just has to bring:

1. An authorization letter from you
2. That person's valid ID
3. Your old PRC ID and other valid IDs

When you have or your rep has reached PRC, head directly to the seats in front of Window 18 inside the main building. Look for the last person in line. Those people seated in front of the window are all lined up to claim their IDs. So look for the end of the queue and fall in line there. Waste no time.

PRC ID online renewal
Windows for Online Renewal Applications

What happens here is:
  • Those who have registered and paid online must submit their OLD PRC ID and the printed CLAIM STUB at Window 18. 
  • The online form will be checked as well as the photo you uploaded if it's approved. If no problems are encountered, you will be asked to wait for your name to be called.
  • Stay close to Windows 19 or 17. That's where they release the IDs. A personnel will appear and call your name over a mic if your ID is ready. Pay attention to the Window number mentioned once your name is called. Example: "To Window 19 please... Cruz, Juan... Daria, Zeng... Estrada, Marie... etc". They will call about 10 names so listen carefully. Once you've heard your name, fall in line immediately in front of the window mentioned.
  1. From your entrance to PRC to actually being received in Window 18, it takes about 10-60mins depending on the time you've arrived. 
  2. At Window 18, it only takes 5 minutes if there's no issue with your online profile and photo.
  3. Waiting from Window 18 to either Window 17 or 19 is about 10-20 minutes.
  4. At Window 17 or 19, release of ID takes just 5 minutes.

I got to PRC at around 11am and there's already a long line at Window 18. So it took me an hour before I was able to face the woman at the window. Good thing my photo got approved so it was just a breeze after.


  1. When you've registered online and applied for your ID renewal, don't forget to pay online too or via banks or Bayad Center. Otherwise, you will be asked to line up at the Cashiers in the Main Office and I don't recommend that. The lines could go extremely long cause you got other people paying as well (e.g. those who are registering for board exams, those requesting for other documents, etc).
  2. Make sure you printed out your claim stub! Never forget that. The man in front of me while I was waiting in front of Window 18 forgot to print his stub so he had to leave his spot in the line and go out of PRC to rent a computer at a nearby Internet shop. He lost another hour for this.
  3. Go to PRC early, even earlier than 8 am. Even if your application said PM slot, just go there early. It doesn't matter. They don't care even if you selected the AM or the PM slot. As long as it's the date printed on your claim stub. It's all jumbled up in there anyway. So I suggest you be there early (7am) or close to the end of the shift in the afternoon (3 or 4pm - just make sure you have no profile or photo issues). That way, you won't experience long lines.
  4. Don't forget your old PRC ID. Bring other documents as well in case they would need to verify your identity (government-issued ID cards, certification of registration, etc).
  5. Bring food, drinks, and something to help you pass time. You can get bored from waiting.
  6. Bring a fan or one of those cool handheld mini electric fans I see everywhere.

That's it. Good luck on your renewal!



  1. I tried to set an appointment to renew my PRC ID. However, it says that my ID is still valid until May 2018 and the site would not let me set an appointment due to my ID Validity. May I renew my ID on June 2017? It's less than a year before the expiration of my ID. Or can I just go to PRC even without an appointment?

    1. Hi! I think it has to be within 6 months from the date of expiration.

  2. hi. I cant upload the picture. it says something went wrong during the upload but im sure it is the correct size

    1. Hi! Just refresh and try to upload again. Also make sure na walang restrictions yung computer na ginagamit mo. And check if the file size and dimensions are correct.

  3. Walang lumabas na claim stub. Pero nkabayad na po ako sa bayad center.. Paano po ba mkuha yung claim stub???

    1. Pag nagbayad ka na, marerecognize dapat sya nung online account mo. Siguro after a day or two pa. Don't worry. Basta hawak mo yung payment slip/transaction receipt mo from Bayad Center, pwede mo yan ipakita sa PRC na paid ka na. Although kelangan mo pa rin talaga magprint nung claim stub. So balikan mo lang lagi yung online PRC account mo kung nagregister na yung bayad mo. You can also ask PRC directly if you have other questions: 310-0026 or 310-1047

  4. hello may idea kayo kung ilang months bago madispose ang unclaimed prc id. thank you.

    1. Naku di ko alam e. Try mo na lang itanong sa hotline nila: 310-0026 or 310-1047

  5. Hi im having trouble uploading my photo....may i ask the correct dimension and size of the e photo?

    1. Hi! It must be 2 inches by 2 inches (2x2), file size must be less than 1mb.

  6. puede bang mag renew ng license without an appointment/walk-in?


  7. Hindi po. Required na ngayon ang appointment.

  8. i am a nurse. pwede pa ba magrenew without the CPD units?

    1. Hindi po ako taga-PRC. Pakitanong na lang po sa kanila. O di kaya sa official national association nyo. Thanks and good luck sa renewal!


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