Friday, October 22

Oplan Balik-Ganda: Vintage Bag Restoration Project Result #3

So here's the last bag.


UPDATE on polishing stuff:

I went to Handyman DIY Store the other day to buy my metal polish and I saw just beside it the Kiwi Mink Oil and Kiwi Saddle Soap. Prices are Php 499.57 (~ $10) and Php 425 (~ $9.5) respectively. The drawback of buying these is that they are kind of the large sizes so I don't recommend if you will be cleaning just one piece. Though you can store 'em for future use.

Anyways, the next step I'm going to do is to restore the metal hardware on those bags (the locks, studs, zippers, etc) since I've already cleaned the leather bodies. Here's what I got to clean the hardware:

I think it was less than Php 50.00 (~ $1). So there. Thanks for reading guys! Be back for the next posts. Love love~ ♥

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