Monday, October 18

Oplan Balik-Ganda: Vintage Bag Restoration Project Result #1

So here's the first bag I've restored. I know it's not close to looking new. But still I managed to make it look decent. BTW, this is a genuine leather satchel bag from Kirkland's Signature line (model CGT58). If you wanna see the original pictures of this item, you may want to check out this Etsy ad. Anyways, here are my shots. ♥



What I did:

1. Wash with Kiwi Saddle Soap and water.

photo from Google Images

FYI: This soap is great for removing the stains and nasty smell in all your leather stuff. It also serves to protect them from further damage. It is best if you could also find any leather care products containing mink oil as it is a great conditioner and preserver of leather quality. You just apply this oil to the bag's surface and shine afterwards. Kiwi carries this product.

photo from Google Images

2. Cover with Kiwi Shoe Polish in same tone. Then shine with a shoe brush. (I don't know if this step is advisable to do for leather bags because the product clearly says "shoe polish". But I need something that could cover the chipped parts.)

photo from Google Images

3. Air dry. But do not expose directly under the sun. It might do more damage to your bag.

So, that's it guys. Be back for the other 2 bags I need to restore. Thanks!

Restoration of:
Bag # 2 (CLICK HERE) and
Bag # 3 (CLICK HERE)

Thank you for reading!


  1. it's good there was this kind of site that will help us restore our pre-owned bag...I have a LV and Hermes bags I'm not quite sure if these bags are original.These were given by my Tita. Can you sot original from fake or Class A?thanks

  2. waaa zeng! Saan mo nabili yung mga polishing stuff? :D

  3. 'yung saddle soap sa car accessories shop. meron yung mga nasa malls na car axes shops; sorry nakalimutan ko name :( pero marami yan kasi yan yung pinangsasabon sa car seats. 'yung mink oil wala ako nakita e. huhuhu. wala yata nyan sa pinas. tapos 'yung shoe polish, sa iyong suking tindahan. :D


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