Oplan Balik-Ganda: Vintage Bag Restoration Project Result #2

The second bag. :) Actually I don't intend to use this. I'm planning to give it back to my cousin or to her mom. Anyways, same steps as the first bag restoration you can see below. Check out the pics! :)



I still have 1 last bag to fix/recondition. Please be back. Heehee. Thanks! ♥



  1. you did a great job zeng! way to go! :)

    pero di ba humahawa sa skin or clothes yung kiwi? planning to do the same kasi with my leather getaway bag pero kinda hesitant pa dahil since i use the bag for travel di sya maiiwasang mabasa (o madikit sa pawisang skin. haha!) or something like that... baka humawa? watchathink?

  2. actually i thought about that too. so some of the things i did to avoid the smearing of kiwi were:

    1. i did not apply anything onto the straps. of course i wouldnt want my shirts to have thick brown lines. haha. :D

    2. for the chipped parts, i did about 3 coatings. after every coating i wiped the kiwi-ed portion with wet wipes. air dried, then the next coating. repeat the same step for the 2nd and 3rd coatings. the thing is, i only need the kiwi for dyeing purposes. so i just thought of removing any excess wax or oil from the polish.

    i tested right after i dried the bag. it didnt smudge naman. :)

    if you are still super worried about the smearing of the polish, you may opt to get leather dyes which should work just fine. i searched online and i came across the name "Jacquard iDye". i dont know though if it's available here in Phils. :D


  3. I love this bag! <3 I'm looking for a very similar kind. If you are planning to *ahem* GENEROUSLY give it away, nandito lang ako. LOL Ayos lang din if I have to pay for it. XD

    sPam of frou-frou

  4. Ang chaga mo Zeng! Sadly, I cannot say ze same for myself! Hahaha.

    One of these days, magweweeding din ako ng bags para macheck. Hehe. :D

  5. PAAAAM! Srsly you like this? BTW, 'yung strap niya isn't long. About 26 inches. And non-adjustable. The leather is the hard type. And there are still some chipped parts. If it's ok with you, I'll bring it to school sa enrollment. :) Nobody's gonna use it here naman. :)

  6. @ Mado: Thanks beb! I wanna see your bags too!!! I followed your blog na rin!


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