Saturday, November 6

Coron Getaway, Chapter 2: Getting There

Getting to Coron isn’t really problematic. Because we had AirPhils as our airline, NAIA Terminal 3 was our departure point. You shall be charged Php200/person for terminal fee. You need to be there 2 hours before the boarding time. And to save money, please eat prior to leaving your house, so you don’t have to spend heaps for airport food.

The flight took about 45minutes. It wasn’t bumpy. Yeah there were a few turbulences but it was pretty much smooth. The wonderful thing about travelling by air, from the city to the rural, is that you can see below the densely populated areas, where there are more rooftops than trees, and half an hour later, vast greeneries and jagged ranges welcome you. It’s like being eased from suffocation you’ve suffered for so long.

Once you’ve landed at Coron airport (Francisco B. Reyes Airport) and you had check-in baggages, wait for them at the platforms. We’ve noticed that the airport personnel do not double-check whether you really got the correct baggage or not, and people are just piled up there around the platform, so be careful with your things. Fill up a card that will be handed out to you and give back to the person once you’ve finished (it will ask you for certain info like full name, purpose of visit to Coron, span of stay there, where you would be staying, etc.)

Travel from the airport to the town proper takes about 45 minutes and Php150. If you haven’t pre-scheduled with your hotel manager a van that will pick- you up from the airport, you can just take the parked vans by the exit. You just tell them where to drop you off. I’ve read from somewhere that you can also take a jeepney to the town proper. But we came across this so I’m telling you not to expect riding the jeep. He he he.

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