Saturday, November 6

Coron Getaway, Chapter 4: Things to Do

Since it's already been mentioned in my intro article that Coron is a famous dive spot, most activities you would want to do here include the waters. Yes. Snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and island-hopping. There are 4 sets of activities you can do, if you have heaps of money to spend for this trip.

Tour 1: Coron Island Hopping (budget: Php5000/2pax)
Here's the complete list of spots you can visit. But those with bumblebees are the places I do believe you must not miss. And those without are the spots you may skip because they are  either free but dirty, or have entrance fee but redundant with the other better areas.
 Siete Pecados  - entrance fee: Php100
                    Barracuda Lake - entrance fee: Php100
                    Kalachuchi Beach - (free)
Kayangan Lake - entrance fee: Php200
                    Vivian Beach - entrance fee: Php100
Banol Beach  - entrance fee: Php100
Twin Peaks  - entrance fee: Php100
                    Twin Lagoons - entrance fee: Php100
Skeleton Wreck * - entrance fee: Php100
                    CYC Beach - (free)
Maquinit HotSpring * - entrance fee: Php100; it's not really part of your Coron island-hopping trip because to go to Maquinit doesn't entail you to ride a boat. Instead you take a tricycle for a 20-minute transpo.

Tour 2: Culion Historical Tour
Culion is another municipality in Calamianes Group of Islands. It was known to be a former leper colony. Culion has a lot of historical bits to offer, so if you are fond of making your trip educational as well as fun, you might want to visit this place. For more info, visit this site.

Tour 3: Malcapuya-Banana-BulogDos Island Loop
We weren't able to have this loop also, so you may just read this post.

Tour 4: Calauit Escapade
Calauit is famous for its safari; it is a breath of Africa in the Philippines. Click here to go to Calauit's official page.

You need at least Php20,000 if you want to enjoy all the 4 sets of trips in this list. But if you were like me and The BF and we only had Php5000 to spare for a fun island-hopping escapade, you can just have the 1st tour. To see our itinerary, click here.

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