Saturday, November 6

Coron Getaway, Chapter 5: Where and What to Eat

There are a looooot of restaurants in Coron, many are owned by foreign nationals who established businesses in the soon-to-be-blooming tourist spots in the country. Here are some you may see once you get to the town. 

One of the bold statements I can give about my food experience in Coron is the truth that everything is more expensive than Manila prices (except for fish and cashew), waaaaaaay contrary to popular belief that "food and other products are cheap because Coron has not yet been very much commercialized". Nah-ah. Local carinderia (streetside food shops selling local home-cooked dishes) would price Php40 for a single serving of a dish (Php70 if it's a beef dish) and take note, it isn't served with rice yet. In Manila, I can buy 2 dishes and 2 cups of rice with Php70. The problem with this is they assume too much that most of the tourists are rich and capable of paying for overpriced stuff. *sighs* Just like the prices of the meals in Coron Gateway Hotel Resto:

Anyways, here are shots of what we ate during our 4-day stay there.

Note: I suddenly had a Jollibee craving once we landed back to Manila. Ha ha. :)

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