Saturday, November 6

Coron Getaway, Chapter 6: What to Buy

Souvenirs. And pasalubong for our family and friends. Well, of course you cannot miss the famous t-shirt souvenir. There are a lot of souvenir shirt sellers in Coron Public Market. Prices range from Php125-Php250. For other souvenir items,  you may visit this shop inside Pinili Ko Restaurant, a few walks away from the municipal hall (or you may just ask your tricycle driver to drop you off there; fare Php9.00).

Pinili Ko souvenir shop sells a wide variety of stuff, 
from shirts, bags, keychains to rain-makers, native sculptures and wind chimes.

If you want to bring back home a native Coron delicacy, then you better battle with the others in buying kasuy or cashew nuts. The famous shop that sells kasuy is Coron Harvest (near Coron Port; tricycle fare Php9.00). We went there twice! But we were not able to buy our pasalubong because they were all sold out. Huhuhu. The tricycle driver said there are 3 flavors of kasuy available there. Sad. But do not worry, there are still other shops you can go to. One is close to the plaza, you may just ask the locals about it. 100-gram pack costs Php50 and 200-gram pack is Php100.

Tip: You may have a few pieces to taste before buying. Don't be shy. :)

PS: There's this souvenir shop located at Coron Airport. The shirts they sell are really really nice (minimalist design, good fabric quality). I wasn't able to buy one because we didn't have enough money to spare. Sad.

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