Saturday, November 6

Coron Getaway, Chapter 7: Going Home

So you have spent some days in Coron and have fallen in love with it.. Now it's time to head back home. Yeah I know it sucks. Going back to real life, with all those deadlines at work or school, you'll definitely miss snorkeling at the marine sanctuaries and lying there all day long. Well, time flies. Remember, you can still come back. Better yet, explore the other beautiful Philippine islands! You have 7,106 more to see. Ha ha.

Our flight was at 3pm, so we had enough time for a good sleep. What with the activities we had the day before (see our itinerary). If you were like us who were fortunate to have a good flight sched, you may still use your time to buy some last-minute pasalubong. Remember, get to the airport 2 hours before your boarding time because you never know if there'll be any changes. Here's an anecdote. Our flight was changed to 2:05pm instead of 3:05! Good thing we were already there at 1pm. Whew!

From the town to the airport, same thing. You shall ride a van or jeepney (haha; see why) and the fare is also the same (Php150/person). You will be charged Php20/head for terminal fee.

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Coron! We shall return, yes? :)

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