Saturday, November 6

Coron Getaway, Chapter 8: Important Reminders

I am really really sorry if there are some repeating statements. I just want to instill to everyone which mistakes to avoid. Haha. So here are my final reminders:

  1. Bring extra cash because you never know when some of the locals would overcharge you. Ya know, just in case.
  2. Underwater cam is a freaking must-bring. I swear. I know you could not bring back home the true beauty of Coron, but you can brag through your pictures that you saw FishVille personally. Haha. Sad I wasn't able to bring one.
  3. Have a reservation with your preferred hotel, if possible, 2 weeks before your ETA. Because they can also pre-sched vans that would pick you up at the airport to the town proper.
  4. Do not be shy to haggle. Especially with one-time-big-time payments like boat rental. 
  5. I recommend this special man, Kuya Wilson, who was very very sweet to us. He defied the standard price and offered us a very very very cheap price for the whole-day rental of his boat. The standard was Php2000, he gave it for Php1000! How cool is that?! His rationale is that not all tourists are rich. There are also those who barely have extra cash. JUST LIKE US. So if you want to get his number, email me at and I will gladly share it with you. The same with Kuya Genesis, our tricycle driver to and from Maquinit Hotspring. Regular price was Php300 but he said Php250 is okay. Yey!
  6. Bring loooooooots of bread for the fishies. This is good especially when you want to have underwater photo op with thousands of them. They'll come rushing to you once you spread those crumbs.
  7. Expect that there are NECESSARY EXPENSES like the lodging fees, boat rental, spot entrance fees. Here's the list of expenses we couldn't do without:
Boat rental = Php1000
Tricycle rental = Php250
Entrance fees to Siete Pecados, Kayangan Lake, Vivian Beach, Banol Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Maquinit spring = P1400
Lodging fee = Php1800
Note: All prices are for 2 persons already.

With Kuya Genesis (it's not his real name; it's the name of his tricycle)

L-R: Kuya Wilson; Mel (Kuya Wilson's son); AJ, The BF and moi

throwing bread for them fishies :)

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