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Travelling TheBeehive Way! - Your Ultimate Coron Guide

Yo guys! Sorry it took me 2 weeks to finally make a write-up about my trip. By the way, I travelled to Coron last October 23-26, just a few days after Typhoon Juan hit Phils. Good thing it didn’t hit Palawan (but still, I feel for those who were terribly affected by it.) Anyways, I’ve gathered all the bits and pieces you need to know before you go to Coron. I do hope this post would be of great help to you.

Before we start, I would just like to remind you that my blog is about everything bargain. So I tried to do minimal spending during this trip. Enjoy! :)

What You Need to Know about Coron

Coron is a second-class municipality (Wikipedia says first-class) located among the Calamianes Group of Islands in Northern Palawan. Its main industries are fishing and tourism.

Coron has been listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine's Top 10 List of Best Scuba Diving Sites in the World because of its magnificent Japanese shipwrecks from World War II. 

Chapter 1: Planning the Trip
Chapter 2: Getting There
Chapter 3: Where to Stay
Chapter 4: Things to Do
Chapter 5: What to Eat
Chapter 6: What to Buy
Chapter 7: Going Home
Chapter 8: Important Reminders

Check out our itinerary!

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