Monday, July 11

Review: Sophie Martin Paris Magic Pink

Sorry for being gone for a week. Here's a new product review for my favorite cream blusher of all time! Sophie's Magic Pink is similar to Smashbox's O-Glow but way cheaper. The latter sells for about $25 while this Magic Pink is only 70php!

source: Smutty Pinay


applying pea-sized


I love this product because the subtle pink color that it produces on my cheeks looks so natural. My friends also use Magic Pink and based from our observations, the time the color appears vary from one person to another. My cheeks blush seconds after putting on this cream while for some of my friends, they have to wait for about a minute.

The blush stays on for hours, yet another reason why I love this product to death. One major con though is the difficulty of buying it. You have to find a Sophie agent or go directly to their outlets. But then again, this is very cheap so I don't mind going all the way to Shaw Blvd to buy my cream blush. Also, I am now a registered Sophie girl so you guys can buy from me. Hee hee. :)

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  1. i so love this product too! See my review on this. =) Magic Pink


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