Friday, August 5

Chill Day with AJ

One of my favorite days with my boyfriend is our r&r day - massage, dinner then tea. I might haven't mentioned this yet but my favorite spa of all time is Ngiyan Spa in Diliman (Maginhawa St.) even when I have rated Wensha pretty high. I feel relaxed at Ngiyan and the people are so friendly. Rate's pretty good too!

Check out Ngiyan Spa if you have time. Regular whole body massage (choice of massage style - swedish, shiatsu, combi) is 400php. But if you visit from 1pm-6pm, they have "Afternoon Delight" when massages are 50php off. There are complimentary drinks (choice of iced tea, hot tea or coffee) before and after your massage. You can shower and they offer free use of dry sauna. I think their sauna usually is for one person, sharing it with another (which I have experienced before) is kinda awkward since it's too small.

Also, you can request for a "couple's room" if you and your partner want privacy. The guy can choose a female massage therapist so the gf won't feel awkward. Hehe. I recommend Ate Julie/Julia and AJ gave a thumbs up for Ate Lourdes. :)

Read more about Ngiyan at their official Facebook page.


reception area

waiting area

waiting area

powder room

cozy interior

infrared sauna area

After our massage we usually have dinner during when we pig out. Lol. One favorite is Al Fahkr, a Persian deli. I love their yogurt shake, keema and chili beef. AJ usually orders the beef kebabs. We've never ordered the falafel but we always have a good laugh when we pronounce it the Hindu-way ("fl-uhh-fl"). :D

Al Fahkr's interior is kick-ass artsy!

I think my friend did this. LOL.

Come visit these shops if you have time. Then drop by MoonLeaf Tea Shop Maginhawa, a healthy AND yummy way to end the night. :)

UPDATE September 12, 2013
Al Fahkr has officially ended its service months ago. Sad. The only resto we come back to almost every week cos we crave their dishes is now gone. :(

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  1. Hindi ako yung nag vandal :)
    Baka fans ko lang.
    Pero.. parehas ng handwriting ko e.
    So malamang ako nga..
    Pero once pa lang ako kumakain dun e.
    Ansama ko naman, (kung ako nga yun)
    Di ko maalala


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