Thursday, October 13

Review: Innisfree Cucumber Natural Essential Mask

"Part of the moisture line of masks from Innisfree, the cucumber formula can help retain moisture back to skin and sooth irritation. Direction: After cleansing your skin, apply your favorite toner prior to apply the sheet mask. Apply the sheet mask on your face and adjust it accordingly, let it sit for 15-20 minutes before removing. Massage in the serum and continue with your skin care regime." (source)

Just removed the mask a few minutes ago. I immediately noticed a difference from the texture before applying this product onto my face. I let the mask stay on for about 20 minutes before removing it. Protocol is to massage the remaining serum on the face before you fully wash it out. I dont have a before and after picture though. Thing is, there isn't really an immediate visible change. You can just feel the difference. The skin became soft.

malabo. sorry webcam pic only :s

Anyways, this is just one of the many samples I got from sister dear when she took a vacay from her studies in cheongju univ.

Rating for Innisfree Cucumber Natural Essential mask would be

5 bumblebees!

I love that it cos the smell is nice and is not too strong. There's enough serum on the mask and a little more on the pack which you can still apply even after you have removed the mask already from your face. Coverage is really good. :)

What's your favorite face mask?

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