Friday, December 16

Review: 2012 Filed! Planner

I'm so happy today. Elated. Pleased. Satisfied. I always feel like this whenever I acquire something I feel proud of. Today, it was this planner I got from Fully Booked, made by Filed! Cooperative.

Two days ago, a Facebook friend posted a photo of a certain "pen bandolier" which apparently is a belt that holds a dozen of pens strapped onto a notebook. I thought the idea was amazing. Why? Because I've always been annoyed of constantly rummaging through my bag for pens just so I can write on my planner.

So anyways, I closely examined the photo and found out the bandolier's sold together with a planner. I had no intentions of buying one actually. Because I'll be going to Korea next month and I'm sure I'll be able to find a really cute planner there. But hell, that'll be next month. January.

So I visited and started ordering online. Turned out they were out of stock and can only replenish today. I just decided to visit Fully Booked BHS to personally get one. Sinong atat? Kekeke.

So... here you go! My 2012 planner courtesy of Filed! I love love love it. It's perfect. It's artsy. It's complete. Well, for me, it is. I actually started coloring already. I bought 6 colored pencils. Will just add more. I can buy color pens in Korea. Haha.

+ side
1. pen bandolier idea is so cool
2. it's like a coloring book. i miss my pre-school days. haha.
3. appropriate size, not too big but not too small
4. complete with
monthly view
weekly view
doodle pages
places to visit page
movies to see page
restaurants to try page
books to read page
expense tracker
think tank page
page marker charm which is nice
a back pocket for cards. this might be hardly noticeable for some people but i really appreciate even the littlest things like this :)

- side
1. the pen slots on the bandolier are quite small? i spent about an hour looking for the best-fitting colored pens and pencils and ended up with Dong-A twistable colored pencils

That's all for now. If I experience other things, I'll update this post. below are the photos of the planner and bandolier. You can grab yours now for just 545php in Fullybooked and Powerbooks branches or order online through


  1. hi, may i ask where did you buy your pens?

  2. hi does this have a daily planner? has time like other planners? an example of what i mean is
    jan. 1 - sunday

  3. hello~

    1. i bought my pens from national bookstore. :)

    2. no daily planner po. just weekly.

  4. wow ang ganda T_T so many creys everything is beautiful


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