Friday, February 24

Brother's Wedding

So my brother just got married last Wednesday (Feb 22). I don't want to spill out every detail there was. Let's just say I cried pretty hard during my speech. It was unexpected. I was told I was supposed to give a speech when we were at the venue already. I can't think of other things to say about the couple except the things I should be telling them - how my mom should have been there; that she missed that special chance and so on. Obviously, those who knew us cried as well.

Anyways, here are some of the photos I took during the nuptial.

my very cute niece, ryem! :)


grandmothers! left is my mother's mother, right is my father's mother

relatives at my father's side

relatives from my mother's side and some of my mother's friends


bar menu

blue lagoon and mojito

papa, me
groom, bride




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  1. cuuute nung bata sa right side sa pic na "relatives at my father's side" ^^


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