Monday, February 27

Korea Getaway, Chapter 2: The Departure

Yay. Part II. It's now 2:33am and I still can't sleep so might as well do something productive (if you call this productive). Oh well.

So after securing our visa last November 3, 2011, Joyce and I panicked on buying airline tickets to KerLand. Our target departure date was so near already that the possibility of getting seatsales was almost zero. Every now and then we would see piso fare from Cebu Pacific but the travel periods do not match our schedule. The only option was to book the regular fare (Go Fare I guess) which was 17,000php roundtrip. Big sigh. I never thought I would spend that much for airfare.

Our flight was January 23, 1:15am so we had to check-in by 11pm of January 22. Here's a very important tip for everyone: NEVER CHOOSE THE LAST SEATS AT THE BACK. Never. Especially for a 5-hour trip.

aboard flight 5J190

manila aerial view

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