Sunday, February 12

RareJob Tutors' Mini Gathering

This is what I love about joining RareJob - being friends with new people. :) Last February 5, I met four of my closest RareJob tutor friends and we had a cozy (supposedly) lunch gathering but ended up starting at around 3pm. It was super fun! We talked about a lot of things, shared so many stories, knew stuff about each other. Yes, very very fun.

Anyways, if you want to know more about what happened, please also read about it from Hera-san's blogsite, A Jeepney Passenger's Tales.

So now, I would like to introduce to everyone, especially to my RareJob students/friends, tutors:

(From left to right)
Ayn.C, Ellie.B, J.Marie and Hera

Here's all of us:

We also met Hera's boyfriend, Raymond. Well, actually, it's my second chance of seeing him. We met about... 2 years ago? Raymond brought delicacies from his hometown. :)

 Here are the dishes we ate during this gathering:

Hope to attend more of this kind of gathering. And hopefully, our circle grows until we can invite the entire tutors' pool. Hehehe. ♥

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