Thursday, March 1

Korea Getaway, Chapter 3: Arrival

After those grueling 5 hours in a cramped space on the plane, we finally landed to the Land of the Morning Calm. Their airport was ginormous! Good thing Kishi was there with us so it was a breeze checking out. Although one scary part before we left the airport was the face-to-face session with the immigration officers. Many Filipinos, who looked like they landed a job in Korea, had pending permission to leave the immigration office. They were sent inside a room where they had to undergo some more interviews. Too bad for them. :( Good thing again Kishi went ahead of Joyce and I so the officer who scrutinized our passports just asked "Are you travelling with her?" (then he points to Kishi)

kishi with the red paper bag and me looking ever-haggard

When we arrived in Korea, the temperature read -15 degrees Celsius. Minus fifteen! Inside the airport, I was kebs and I was "'di naman pala gan'un kalamig 'yung negative fifteen". And when we finally went out of the building, HOLY MOTHER OF HAILSTORMS, it was freaking freak freak freakingly COLD. I can't even explain how cold it was. You know what my idea of cold is? 25 degrees! Experiencing Korea on a winter made me realize that I might not be able to survive in a temperate country. 

grabe! i was wearing a very thin shirt, a weak winter jacket, one layer of pants and no gloves on! suicide!

Anyways. So Kishi booked bus tickets to Cheongju inside the airport. I think it costs about 300php. The buses were lined up and waiting outside the gates.

The bus seats were so comfy. Wide leg room and reclining to the point where it can be a bed already. Lol.

After about an hour, we arrived at the Cheongju terminal and from there, we took a cab to Kishi's dorm in Cheongju University. The trip was a good 10-15 minutes only. Cost about 60-80php.


Then we spent our first few hours in Korea power-napping and helping Kishi transfer her things from a dorm room to another (since they were assigned new rooms for the winter break; hassle much).

So there. Be back next time for the post about our first night.

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