Friday, March 16

RareJob Tutors' Mini Gathering Part 2

Because a student is absent now, I have a few spare minutes to write this post. This has been a long-overdue post. Our gathering happened last March 4 and it took me 12 days before an entry was made. Sorry, RJ-R! He he.

Anyway, it was another super duper fun date with the tutors. Last time there were only 5 of us who were able to meet up but this time, there was an additional - Tutor Gel!

Tutors Joanna, (me), Gel, Hera, Christelle and Ayn

Our itinerary was supposedly this:
7-8am jogging at UP Diliman Academic Oval
8-9am travel to Ayn's house
9am-10am breakfast
10-12nn badminton
12nn lunch
1pm karaoke, swimming and chitchat

Joanna and I did jog until 8am but when we got to Ayn's house, it was the start of clamour. Lol. The chitchat started at 10am and ended at 5pm! My gollies! We talked a loooooot! I sang a little with Ellie but we both got tired from screeching through the microphones so we stopped after a few hours or so to chat with the other tutors. 

Ayn "prepared" a lot of food. *winks* Seriously, there were A LOT of food. Hera and Ellie.B also brought desserts. We may look like we can eat a lot but in reality, we can't. We may have more appetite for gossip, that is. Ha ha.

So here are the photos. They are taken by Kuya Erick, Ayn's boyfriend for many many years. I told them I see my future in them. Kiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig.

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  1. Alam mo, sa likod lang ng Cambridge ang bahay namin. Haha! Is it a nice place? Di pa ako nakakapunta dyan eh - fra :D


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