Wanderlust 2012 ♥

There are so many places I really want to see, different cultures I want to experience and food I would die to taste. Fortunately, I'm starting to experience them. 

Just last year in November, I was able to join my orgmates to an invited trip to HongKong to provide a basic integrated theater arts workshop (BITAW) for HK students. Aside from this workshop, we were also given the chance to perform a 45-minute dance repertoire for the Pitong Sundang literary works of Ericson Acosta, a Philippine political prisoner. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had thus far.


Then January this year, my bestfriend and I, along with my sister, explored Cheongju, Seoul and Incheon in South Korea. The temperature killed us but the days there had truly been exciting albeit expensive. Heeh.



Also in January, I was in La Union and Baguio with AJ and Marco for a New Year travel special. :) They were invited to attend a store opening by an independent shirt company up north so I tagged along.

with Mr. Ben-Hur Villanueva at his gallery, Arko ni Apo

By February I had a chance to visit Dumaguete for free. One of my sideline job's perks. It was a short trip but I got to see the Dumaguete sea-side and experience the much-raved about silvanas and sans rival.

So anyway, this year has a lot in store for me, travel-wise.

April 10 to 14 -- Sagada, Mt. Province for another workshop series with my organization, Sinagbayan

Update: Cancelled :(

May 10 to 13 -- Calatagan, Batangas for Sinagbayan's annual art camp. This is our 3rd year! Yey! Hopefully, for the assessment, we'd go to Puerto Galera since it's just a boat-away from Calatagan.

June 2 to 5 -- Bangkok, Thailand! Bestfriend was able to book airline tickets on sale! Wahoo. I can't wait to walk around Jatujak. :)

July 17 to 20 -- Lipa, Batangas

July 21 to 23 -- Cebu with my friends. I think I might celebrate my birthday on the plane. Lol.

August 2-7 -- Davao with RareJob Tutors !

September 2012 -- Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Bulacan

December 17-29 -- Baguio City!



  1. you really enjoy your life!
    I also want to travel such nice places

  2. thank you so much tatsu-san for the comment. and thank you for such enjoyable conversation a while ago. i'm lucky to meet you! *bow*


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