Saturday, July 28

Birthday 2012

How I celebrated my birthday, that's the big question.

Well, I got up at 11am after taking a much-deserved nap since I came back home from a flight at 8am with hardly any sleep. At 12nn, AJ and I ate at our favorite karinderya near the flat. Yes, karinderya food for my birthday. Others may find it lame, I'd rather say lokal. Haha. Anyway, by 1pm I was in SM Fairview to meet my uncle, aunt and niece. I did some gifts-for-myself shopping on the side. Lol. So by 5pm, I've got three back issues of travel and fashion magazines, two fancy gold anklets (one for me and the other for my sister), a chunky bracelet from Kultura Souvenirs, two very Pinoy keychains which I'll give to my Japanese student next week, and two shoulder bags from Parisian. Went gaga really. Birthdays are such a nice excuse to panic-buy.

Was supposed to go to my Lola's house for some birthday bonding but I already had a schedule for work the next morning so I passed.

At 8pm, AJ and I were back to SM. Dinner date, all right! And finally watched The Amazing Spiderman. It was... amazing! Hehe.

So yeah, it may seem like a lame birthday, but the real big question is, how I spent my birthday week. Summing up my July21-24 in photos. Cebu was awesome!

Warning: Photo heavy

PS: Excuse my vanity. ;p

July 21

July 22

July 23

July 24

There. Thanks to everybody who greeted me. Cheers to being 24! ♥

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