Saturday, September 7

Blogger Problem - Deleting Unnecessary Tags / Labels

Let me start off by saying I'm old. I've been blogging since 2003. I've changed platforms from Blogger/Blogspot to LiveJournal to Xanga to Wordpress and then back to Blogger. I've lost accounts and deleted posts. They said hipsters dominate Blogger. Even Childish Gambino rapped, "Come back to me like hipsters to Blogspot". Because of the advent of newer, more user-friendly platforms like Tumblr and whatnot, some people would now call re-posting as blogging. I don't even-

Sorry. Hipsters unite!

Anyway, here's one of the usual problems Blogger users encounter - the accumulation of tags or labels that basically just clutter the homepage. What an eye sore. So here's my contribution. This is a very simple tutorial but I'm sure would be a big help to those who're having #bloggerproblems (hashtag on Blogger, whua?)

Just follow the steps enumerated below. Good luck!

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Posts > All

2. Filter the posts by selecting the tag you want to delete on the Label dropdown menu. Here you can see that I have 2 "tvseries/tv series" tags so I want to delete the one without a space.

3. Once you've selected, only the posts that bear that particular label will be shown.

4. Select all posts by ticking the box marked red.

5. Click on the tag/label icon then click the label that you will delete.

6. Voila! Your posts will now be cleared of the label. This tag will not show on your homepage or tags list anymore. Don't forget to refresh after! For deleting other tags, just repeat the cycle. You can follow the same steps for adding new tags to your posts.

Good luck and good job in advance! :)

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