Saturday, September 21

Getting a Blue Card and a Hospital Dentistry Appointment at UP PGH

First things first, here are the important contact info of PGH. Call them or visit the website should you have questions.

PGH Out Patient Department
Address: Padre Faura, Manila
Hotline: 554-8400

I wouldn't write a long, detailed post anymore. There have been countless blog articles written about how to get a Blue Card. I will just link them here. I got my card last March 2013, same day as my affordable wisdom tooth extraction.

Please read this post by Mommy On the Go ( It contains all the necessary information and she even included photos.

Anyway, once you get to the Out-Patient Department in PGH, it's just easy since the windows/areas are numbered.

Counter 1: Inform the staff what procedure you want to be done then answer the form he/she will give you (do this while falling in line for counter 2, so bring a pen)
Counter 2: Pay the blue card fee (7php)
Counter 3: Checking area; your form will be checked here before encoding. Make sure you put your complete information. I got nabbed there cos I only put my barangay and city.
Counter 4: Encoding and releasing of blue card

This is a fast process. It took me only about 20-30 minutes even with the long line. I got there early, around 7:30am. I suggest you go there at 10-10:30am, the line shortens by then. Remember: The application for Blue Card is only until 11:30am, Monday-Friday only. 

You need the Blue Card for all your transactions at PGH. It's like the summary of your medical records. You don't need to be a resident of Manila City to get it. I got mine when I was living in QC. So don't worry. :)

Once you have your Blue Card, you can fall in line at the Hospital Dentistry clinic at the 2nd floor of PGH OPD (just a floor up where you got your Blue Card). Get in the clinic and mention your intent to have an extraction. They'll ask you to wait for your name to be called and you will talk with a clinic assistant on-duty. Then there will be a brief diagnosis and you're going to be given an appointment schedule with a clinician. That's it!

If you need assistance on affordable dental procedures at PGH and UP College of Dentistry, please contact the following people:

CRISZEL (for referrals on available clinicians)
ANGEL (for procedure inquiries and fees) 0942-274-2833

For your reference, here are the dental clinic fees at PGH. It may not be updated but cost wouldn't increase that much.

Good luck!


  1. thank you mas mura pla dito sa u.e caloocan 5500 regular operation for impacted wisdom . hehe sna mas mura dto.. try ko pnta bukas... hmmm tama ba nabasa ko till 11:30am lng pag kuha ng blue card?

  2. Thanks for this info! Will try to inquire about my halitosis problem.

  3. Is there any requirements for getting a blue card?


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