Thursday, September 12

Killing Aragog

I don't really know the root cause of my fear of spiders. One of my RareJob students today told me that probably one of my ancestors had a major issue with spiders in his time. I just laughed him off. When I was young, I even experienced playing with the small ones against my friends' on some "spider wrestling" games. I was okay with them then, but suddenly, I started seeing big momma spiders inside the bathroom, just before I take a bath or a dump. I became more nervous, more paranoid every time I'd go to the bathroom. And that escalated to the condition I have now, where I'd shake, scream, curse, or just look plain tranced every effin time I see arachnids. I hate spiders, I wish they never existed. Of course I know they have a role in the nature's check and balance, but I still wish them all dead.

"Why spiders? Why couldn't it be 'follow the butterflies'?"
- Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Film (2002)

This motherfucker surprised me today while I was about to take a bath. i was already naked, damn it! I ran out screaming and I swear I think the neighbours saw me.

I sprayed the whole can's worth of Baygon Insect Killer to the bathroom, closed it and let the spider suffocate for an hour. When I opened the door, he came out looking drugged. Yeah, you lilpizzashit. Eat my gas!

Then I had no choice cos he was crawling close to me now so I took the broom and slammed on to the motherfucker's face. Boom! Pak! Shmrack!

After a few seconds of duel, he conceded. I won! Chyeah!

Here are the products I used. I used the ethanol to squirt liquid to the thing so I could get him out of the bathroom. Man, now I gotta buy more spray and alcohol. Tsk.

Anyway, that's all. Bye!

PS: I haven't gone back to the bathroom. I'm scared thinking there might be more of them inside and I've ran out of spray. No. :(

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