Travel Itinerary: Davao

This is the most overdue post I'll ever publish. More than a year delayed! I'm so sorry, self. I disappointed you. And that's why the quality of this post will suffer. Usually, when I post an itinerary, I put all the expenses we've made and the total cost of the trip per person. I did that for my Cebu and Coron trips. I'll have to make do with what I can supply for now. Sorry for the lack of "financial details". Anyway, to compensate for my shortcomings, I have included links of websites or published blog posts for some items.

This itinerary was designed for 4 pax, which I think is the right size for travelling with friends since each person would pay smaller for the taxi fare (drivers tend to reject a group of 5 passengers). We also made sure that the activities included here are the most cost-effective and the best we could experience. Plus, it didn't hurt that I knew how to haggle. Hehe. It's one good weapon when you travel. ;)

For questions, feel free to leave a comment.


Departure from NAIA T3
Arrival to Davao
Taxi from airport to our friend’s house
1st night

River tubing c/o Team Layak Paanod
Tricycle to Kabawan
Lunch at Kabawan (carabao meat resto)
Crocodile Park experience
* butterfly sanctuary
* crocodile park
* tribu k’mindanawan village
* poi exhibition
Commute to NCCC mall
Dinner at NCCC mall
Commute to my friend’s house
2nd night


Commute to Samal Island
Check-in at Mahan Garden Resort
Tricycle rental for the whole day (500php; contact # at the pics below)


Commute to Carabao Dive Center
Discovery scuba dive
2nd night at Mahan Garden Resort

Commute to Davao City
Taxi to Green Windows dormitel
Check-in at Green Windows
Taxi to SM Davao
Souvenir shopping at Aldevinco
Taxi to SM Davao

Departure from Davao Airport

Picture time!

River tubing. Lol. I'm a happy kid.


Tribu K'Mindanawan Village is nice cos it showcases the different ethnic tribal houses in the south. You can get in and explore the whole house.

Poi show for free! We were lucky cos it was a weekend when we visited.

Our treehouse at Mahan Garden Resort. It's so cute!

But the sleeping area is too small so we had to squeeze in. Imagine four people crimped in this space. It was a funny experience! :D

My friend grabbed this opportunity to do a mini photoshoot since the rock formation background was awesome at Maxima Aqua Fun.

Hagimit Falls! You need to do a little hike (of cemented stairs) before getting to this spot. The water's cool and clear.

Ate Inday, our tricycle driver for the day. Please contact her at 
+63-910-971-5503 and tell her you got her number from Zeng :)

We got free massages at Montfort Bat Sanctuary. They were having a training for new therapists so we became their practice patients. Lucky!

A guy producing clay pendants with stones and seashells arrived and allowed us to be his workshop students. Lucky again!

This is probably the best experience during my Davao trip. Thousands of bats flying in different directions! Taking photos with flash wasn't allowed but I had to. I had to see them.

Photo with Mrs. and Ms. Montfort, the owners of the place. Kudos to them for taking care of Philippine bats.

I saw Patrick!

Lucky for us the karaoke at Mahan Garden was free for the night. So here's my friend on her mini concent.

Mindanao Taoist Temple

Had a photo taken with a real monk.

And we learned how to pray the Taoist way.

Green Windows Dormitel is the cheapest we could find.

My first time to try Durian. Found out I'm allergic. Damn.

Met some of our friends in Davao. We belong to the same company which hires home-based English tutors for the Japanese.


Davao People's Park had so many awesome sculptures and installations.

At Jack's Ridge Resort

Davao's peak! Best if you come at night.

That's all! Thanks for reading. Travel safe! ✈



  1. That was a nice and helpful blog entry! Maybe someday I could travel to Davao as well. :)

  2. can i ask saan po kau nag rent ng tricycle sa samal island??

    1. Hi! Merong tricycle terminal just outside the wharf in Samal. Nakipagusap lang kami sa isa sa mga drivers dun. Si Ate Inday yung nagrespond sa inquiry namin kaya sya na yung nagset ng contract. Cost just 500php for the 4 passengers na for the whole day trip around Samal.

  3. Nice! Ppunta kmi ng husband ko nxt month and wala p kmi itinerary.. yay! Buti na lng I saw ur blog! :-)

  4. Good thing I read your post. Now I have an idea where to go and what to do when I will visit Davao next week. Thank you for this. Base on the comments of my friends, Davao is an nice place to visit and there's so much you can do there.


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