Friday, November 29

Molly ★

One thing I haven't blogged about is Molly Star, my 13-inch Mid2012 Macbook Pro. For some, this post might seem braggy, even petty, but I consider having Molly as a mark of my maturity and, somehow, early successes.

In reality, Molly isn't even fully paid. Haha. I just got her last July and I still have about a year to pay her off completely. It's not that difficult though. As long as I stick to my monthly budget and I earn the exact amount of money I have calculated, then I'm good. 

Truth be told, I wasn't really thinking of getting a Mac. It's too costly. But when my fucked up Acer gave up on me in the midst of my fully booked work schedule, I thought twice. My friends have been bigging up this brand for a long time, telling me to invest on it because it is, according to them, the best there could ever be. Considering my work which is homebased and relies heavily on good internet connection and computer, they told me I should get a Macbook Pro.

I concurred.

Molly performs perfectly. In between Skype lessons, watching HD movies, editing bulk photos, photoshopping 36x60 inch images, practicing guitar lessons on GarageBand and more, I can maneuver through my work swiftly. I love everything about it. So far, I don't have complaints.

Backstory (and to add a bit of emotion to this post LOLz):

I was 21 years old when I stopped asking for money from my father. My mom died that same year and I decided to quit kidding myself and shift to a new major because the first one was taking me nowhere. I was in my 4th year in college then but my standing was 2nd year. I've been behind. My friends were, too, so we decided to move to another UP campus. From being an Industrial Pharmacy major in UP Manila, I enrolled under the Library and Information Science course of UP Diliman. From then, I told myself I'd start living the independent life. Fortunately, I got accepted in RareJob as a tutor. It saved me and provided for everything I needed - food, tuition fee, rental fee, and everything else. I was even able to travel locally and abroad just from my RareJob income. It was difficult being a self-supporting student but I persevered. Finished my degree, found a job, resigned, took the licensure exam, ranked 2nd, and now I'm back to finding a new job. I am thankful that RareJob was there all the way to help me survive. :)

Back to Molly. 

It was hard letting go of almost ₱72,000 I worked so hard for for a gadget, but hey, I could now put peso signs with ease. Hehe.


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