Friday, March 21

Librarian Licensure Exam Tips

I took the LLE last November 2013 and luckily landed on the sweet second spot. I didn't aim for it, I didn't expect it, and actually, until today, I couldn't believe it. I was unprepared and I didn't care. I don't know what I did right but the universe must have conspired to award me such honour. And of course, I am eternally grateful.

My only mindset was: "Hindi ako pwedeng bumagsak. Nakakahiya." I know this sounds pathetic. We each have our own reason for wanting to pass. And this was mine. I don't want to be humiliated. I already spent 7 years in college due to shifting majors. I didn't want to extend further. Good enough, I passed and ranked even.

So to give back, I would like to share to all future librarians my tips and life hacks in taking the LLE. Brace yourself for a very comprehensive entry right hurr. Lolz.

Here are the quicklinks for the other entries about LLE:

THERE! :) Thank you for visiting this page and I wish you all the best in your review and test. Just remember -- If you pass, good. If not, it's not the end of the world. Aaliyah said "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. You can dust it off and try again. Try again. Try again~" ♫♩♪

Leave a message below if you have questions/comments/violent reactions. Or you can shoot me an email at kriezeldaria[at]gmail[dot]com. Toodles!

PS: I can email you some tips about shelving/shelfreading. :)

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  1. I enjoyed reading a lot thank you for the tips. I just want to have a request please do send me an email of your reviewer.


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