Monday, April 21

Bicol 2014

I visited the Bicol Region, my father's mother's hometown, from April 16-20. My grandmother's town is called Castilla, Sorsogon, but we didn't stay there because she feared the place after witnessing countless deaths of Japanese soldiers back in the 1940s. By the way, we call my grandmother Mamay, and she's now 87 years old.

Below are some pictures I took of our awesome vacay:

Cagsaua Bell Tower - the only remains of the Cagsaua Church which was buried deep down by lahar/lava

Fresh fruit shake with chili juice

The locals use the nearby stream to wash clothes

My grandmother, Mamay

The Last Supper life-sized rock sculpture

Mt. Mayon hiding behind clouds; view from Embarcadero de Legazpi

Fresh coconut meat and juice

The mountain stream close to my aunt's house

My cousin, Kuya Manding, playing with the whitewaters

My cousins Voltaire and Kuya Manding on the left and at the center, and my brother on the right

My cousins, my brother and his wife, all channel their inner Meteor Garden fans thru this pic

Suhi Springwater Bath; entrance fee is 20php or $0.50


Two kids by the beach

Paguriran Beach Lagoon

Paguriran Beach


My mermaid Lola

Sea urchin



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