How to Apply for Korean Visa in the Philippines

Namdaemun Gate in Seoul, South Korea
Note: This post is only for employed individuals. I heard with my 2 ears at the Korean Embassy this rule: "No Work, No Visa". If you are a part-timer/freelancer, you can still apply as long as you have an ITR (Form 2316) or a Tax Withheld Certificate (Form 2307).

If you want to see the requirements for other visa types (if you're a student, a housewife of a Korean, a business owner, etc. then you can refer to my other blog post here.)

Planning on touring South Korea? Below are instructions compiled from my 4 separate experiences of applying for this visa.

1. Prepare the following. If it's not here, it's not needed.

a. Fully accomplished application form which you can download from here (the passport-size photo required below should be pasted in this application form)

b. Passport size photo (no need for collared shirt or whatever. As long as it's passport-sized and taken in the last 6mos)

c. Passport (if your passport is expiring in 6 months, you cannot apply. Renew it first.)

d. Photocopy of the first page of your passport (the one with the bio and photo)

e. If you have been to any OECD country, 1 photocopy each of your past visas for these OECD countries (if you have this, your application has a higher chance of approval)

f. Original and 1 photocopy of your latest certificate of employment

g. Original copy of your bank certificate

h. Original and 1 photocopy of your latest ITR (Form 2316 but they also accepted my form 2307)

Optional requirements:
If you have a friend who is living in Korea and who can send you an invitation letter, then please prepare the following as well:

i. Invitation letter signed by your friend (you can download the one I used)

j. Copy of your friend's passport bio page (my sister was studying in Korea so I also included her school ID and her Alien Registration ID)

2. When you have all of these things, go to the Korean Embassy at McKinley along C5 Road Taguig City just after SM Aura and Market Market. Visa application is only from Mon-Fri 8am-11am.

a. Sign your name at the logbook after surrendering your valid photo ID at the guardhouse/entrance gate. You'll be given a numbered ID.

b. Food and drinks are not allowed inside so surrender them to the guard at the 2nd entrance. Have your bag checked.

c. Proceed to the visa application room. Once you're in that main door, you'll see a table where you can get your number.

The guards here will check your documents. They basically know if your requirements are complete. If not, they will advise what you lack and tell you to come back when you have them completed. If everything's correct and complete, he'll issue you a number.

d. Wait for your number to be called and/or appear on the screen above the booth. Don't wear earphones or you may not be able to hear your number called. This may irritate the Korean consul who'll accept your documents. :)

e. Surrender your documents and wait while the consul screens them. He will inform you if something is missing. If there is, sorry but you have to come back another day. If everything's complete, wait for 5 days before your visa result is released. The consul will take your passport because this is where they will stick your visa if approved. For those issued with Korea visas before or those with OECD multiple entries visa, you will only wait 3 days for the result. Keep the claim stub safe. You will need it to get your passport back.

3. On the day of your passport release, go to the Embassy before 2pm. The releasing is only from Mon-Fri 2pm-4pm. So be there by 1pm because the line usually gets long as many others are also claiming their passports.

a. Follow the same instructions in Steps 2A-2D.

b. Wait for your number to be called the present the claim slip.

c. The consul will give your passport back to you. If you don't have the visa stickered to one of your passport sheets, that means your application was denied. If you have it, then congratulations!!!

d. TIME TO PLAN YOUR TRIP TO KOREA! Read my other posts here coming soon :)

Thanks and good luck!!!



  1. Hi Kriezel! this is a very useful post. I just want to ask if the required 1pc passport size picture different from the picture in the application form? does this mean I need 2pcs passport size picture? Thanks :)

    1. It's the same :) you just need 1. they have glue/paste there at the embassy.

  2. Yay, they really accepted your Form 2307? :) I am having problems with that since I'm only a consultant and can't get a 2316. Thank you so much

  3. Hi, is it okay to submit form 2307 only? It's hard to get form 2316 since I'm a contractual employee of the government. Does your 2307 have your ITR number?

    1. Hi! Yes! Totally ok to submit Form2307 (Withholding Tax Cert). One of my friends did that and she was granted a visa. Just make sure you have a certificate of employment or your contract (original and photocopy).

  4. Hi! Is it really okay to submit BIR Form 2307? I'm afraid it won't be honored. Will submit my documents on Monday. Huhu.

    1. pwedeng pwede! like i said, 2307 yung sa friend ko pero na-grant naman visa nya. wag kang kabahan. they sense fear hahaha. be confident, just make sure all other requirements are complete.

  5. Hi Kriezel,

    I am a freelancer marketing assistant and my boss did not give me a contract whatsoever. I have been working with him for a year now. Will my ITR suffice instead of a COE? Can I make a cover letter and attach my payslips to prove that I am employed and have been receiving pay from him since Day 1? I have previous travels but I'm not sure if it will count. Please advise! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! You don't need to submit an employment contract. You only need a certification that you are working for your boss or the company. You can make the letter on your own and just let them sign. Or ask anyone around in the company who can sign on his behalf (HR or your direct supervisor etc). Ang importante is whoever signs your letter must be reachable via phone kasi tumatawag ang embassy at nagccheck talaga.

      Make a letter with your company's header (company name, address, contact number etc -- check the requirements, namention lahat ito). Have it say something like

      "This is to certify that ______ is currently hired as a freelance marketing assistant at ___company____. This certification is issued for the purposes of his/her Korean visa application." Not sure if need yung compensation, length of stay, etc. Check mo na lang sa requirements.

      Your previous travels will count if in OECD countries.


  6. Hello. Embassy told me no work no tour. I have money. I resigned last June 2017 and I saved for 7 years of no vacation. Nakakalungkot sabihin na no work no tour. Freelancer ako ngayon. I told her even freelancers can not tour? She said "No." What do I do? I am currently doing a project with a client who runs a company in Ukraine. Pano na

    1. Hi Gracie! Kaya pinaplano talaga ang pagaapply ng visa bago ka pumunta roon kasi may mga ganyan ngang kaso.

      Ang alternatibong solusyon ngayon ay ganito:

      1. Freelancer ka ba pero gumagamit ng Upwork or the like? Kasi ang Upwork nagiissue ng Certificate of Earnings. Pwede mo siguro ito gamitin as supplementary document.

      2. Pwede ka pa rin makakuha ng ITR kung nagbabayad ka ng tax ngayong freelancer ka. Make sure na nagbabayad ka nga.

      3. Pwede kang magpaissue ng "Certificate of Employment" dun sa Ukrainian company mo pero kelangan may contact person at info na Philippines based. Kasi ganyan ang ginawa ko dati. Naging contact person dun sa certificate ko yung isa naming manager na based sa Cebu kahit na ang company namin talaga ay based sa US (freelancer din ako noon).

      Try mo muna itong mga 'to. Hopefully 'di ka pa nakabili ng ticket.

  7. Yung passport size photo dapat po ba klaro yung ears? Hehe thank you.

    1. Yes po, as much as possible. Ipapatanggal naman po lahat ng jewelries including earrings. Have your photo taken dun sa mga photo centers sa malls (especially yung malalapit sa travel agencies) kasi alam na nila yung requirements sa ganun.

  8. Hi this is AL.

    Tatanong ko lang kung possible pa rin 2307 ngayon as income doc? Under kasi ako ng agency at co-terminous yung contract ko sa "client" kung saan ako nagrereport for work. Pero gumawa na rin ako ng cover letter and will attach my pay slips as supplementary doc.

    Magkano rin kaya kailangan for bank statement kapag mag-stay ka ng 1week?


    1. 2307 pwede naman sa pagkakaalam ko. Copy of contract isama mo rin. Sa opinyon ko, mas ok na wala na yung letter at payslips kasi mas bibigyan mo sila ng ideya na kwestyunin yung work status mo. Basta nagbigay ka kasi ng 2307 at contract, understood na yun na may work ka at sumusweldo ka. IMO lang yan ha.

      Each day in Korea kelangan mo ng at least 5000 pesos (o $100.. narinig ko lang ito noon) pero para safe, 10k na lang per day. May kakilala akong 4 days lang sya sa Korea at 100k plus ang nasa bank nya pero di pa rin sya nagrant ng visa. So wala sya actually sa laman. Basta magsave ka lang ng atleast 70k kung 1week.

    2. PS: Wag pala contract ang ibigay mo. Certificate. Gawa ka ng letter of certification then papirmahan mo sa supervisor mo sa agency. Yung laman ng certificate andun sa isang comment sa taas. :)

  9. Hi I only have my bir form 2307 dhl contractual daw ako. Based sa replies mo sa comment ok lang un ang ipasa pero do I have to make a letter of explanation po ba bat wala akong itr?

    1. no, not letter of explanation. kahit certificate of employment from your office na nagsasabing hired ka as contractual staff. kapag explanation letter kasi, mas malaki chance na ideny ang visa mo.


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