Saturday, January 10

The Bambu and Rocky Rivera Experience

Daaaamn. That show was mad awesome. My year definitely started great. To watch these two cats from the bay perform live for their Pinoy fans was overwhelming. I have been a lover of rap and hiphop since my youth. I support Fliptop Battle Rap and other hiphop projects here in the PI (especially those where my man @imblkd's directly involved in -- TaBaKK & UPRISING). So I just had to watch this show last night, with them local emcees from UPRISING and the FilAm rappers Rocky Rivera and Bambu de Pistola from California. Their performances were fire!

Anyway, no gender biases tho, I believe Rocky's set was the best last night. Seems that Bam's performance was affected by the tech issues. I sensed his frustrations. That said, THEY TOTALLY NEED TO COME BACK HERE FOR ANOTHER SHOW. And Irie Eyez and DJ Roza need to tag along because I so wanna see #GRLZ performed live. All the ladies gonna get h-y-p-e-d. 🙅🙆

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