Sunday, July 17

Zen Tea's Inefficient Menu Board

zen tea
Photo by Zen Tea Holy Spirit Drive
I've been meaning to write this down for a while now. Don't you think Zen Tea's menu is quite inefficient? At least its PersonaliTEAs column.

It irks me to look at a list of tea concoctions with random names and no description of ingredients. I mean, "Highway", "Metallic", "Shilled", "Creeper", would you be able to guess what's in them? Nah-uh!

Or maybe customers aren't supposed to ask? Maybe you have to base it on your mood for the day? Like, "Oh, I wanna take a road trip today. Can I get one Highway please? I don't care what's in it, just make one for me." Or "Oh, I got this stalker following me all week. Can I get a Creeper?"

Whenever I visit their shop, I'd have to constantly ask the counter guys to explain to me what the three berries in 3-Berries are. For all I know, there could be tomato in it. Yes, hun, it's a berry. And I wouldn't wanna taste a tomato-cucumber-eggplant tea drink yet. Yes again, hun, they are all berries.

zentea menu
Here's their menu taken from Zomato
Right? Right?


  1. what is your favorite personalitea to order and what is in it? thanks

    1. I don't order personaliteas kasi nga naiinis ako na walang description. >.<


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