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#AllenAtZeng Series: Our Wedding Suppliers and Providers

A friend's getting married soon and is asking who our suppliers were. Actually, a good chunk of our Filipiniana wedding celeb was DIY. Most were either made by us or our family, or were provided for free by friends. We are sooo thankful we have all these wonderful people in our lives. We love you all!!!

Anyway... I'll just post everything here (either paid for or provided free) in case you'll want to contact them too. Most of the friends who helped us are doing professional artistic work too so please contact them should you need someone awesome on your event.

See directory below and all related images. Good luck and I'm sure your wedding will be amazing!

To see our actual wedding expenses vs the market averages, please go to THIS LINK.


UP Balay Kalinaw
Address: UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City
Phone: (02) 920 4843
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upbalay.internasyonal

So the theme of our wedding celeb was, obviously, Filipiniana. If you look at the facade of Balay Kalinaw, you'll already see that. It was the perfect venue for us. The other best thing about it was it was just a stone's throw away from where I work (UP Law). I booked it back in January 2016. That was 11 months before the celebration cause it can get fully-booked in just 3 months before your chosen date.

Image Source
Interior shot - image from our wedding album ©


Kubiertos Catering
Address: 86 F. Cruz St., Phase 3, BF Homes, Paranaque City
Phone: 09209564786, 09176595411
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/kubiertoscatering

Note: I'm going to make a separate review about this caterer. For now, please know that I'm recommending them because they have reasonable (cheap but good quality) catering packages and the food was delicious. BUT! If you can find another supplier closer to your venue and charges less than Php450/head AND MOST IMPORTANTLY has good/high reviews based on their on-the-day service, get that other supplier instead. Skip Kubiertos because the head waiter is a big fucking asshole. You wouldn't want someone who will ruin your glorious day.


The styling of the venue was done by none other than my very artistic mother-in-law, Mama Didi. She DIY-ed all those accents (banig mats, burlap bows, crepe flowers, etc). Everything was from her vision and most of the Filipiniana furniture and home accessories you see are from their house. They had to bring all those from Cavite to QC and back! We are so thankful for her and Papa Eugene's hard work. Without them, this wedding would not have looked the way we wanted it to. It wouldn't have had this simple and unique style. Will talk more about the venue layout, styling and other DIY stuff we did with more photos on a separate blog post. :)



Loool I can't remember the shop name where we bought our wedding bands. Just find your perfect pair anywhere in Ongpin, just make sure it's a legit shop ok? They sell a lot of fake jewelries there. 

AJ doesn't really care about the ring cause he thinks he'll just lose it. And I don't want to make him wear an expensive ring that might just get lost. Lol. So we bought the cheapest we could find for him in Ongpin (temporarily while I'm thinking of the best wedding band alternative). He has a huge ring finger so we kinda had to get one of the largest sizes which was difficult to find. I got mine in 18k gold, with an engraving style that complements my engagement ring. But my band was not so expensive either cause the engagement one already is.

Engagement ring is from Charles & Colvard (https://www.charlesandcolvard.com).


The Eventologist PH
Ms. Christine Angela Abela
Phone: 09957510301
Email: angela.abela05@gmail.com

See detailed review of our invitation by clicking HERE.


Chocolate Kiss Cafe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thechocolatekiss/
Website: http://www.thechocolatekiss.com/

AJ and I are both from UPD so our wedding won't be complete without ChoKiss. We've dated countless times in this place and I still think they have the best mashed potatoes. Devil's Foodcake is the best-selling ChoKiss cake so we got it in 3 sizes and asked for them to change the icing design (the regular icing is designed with spikes!) and I also asked for a different color (kinda off-white/cream) with no extra charge.

The cake stand (the metal wire-y stand you see below) has been in Allen's house for years. We just bought the wooden plates and decorations in Divi and the mall. The styling of toppers was done by Allen's sister, Alexa.

All in all, I think we spent about 1500php for this entire cake set-up (the 3pc-cake at ChoKiss was Php1355). That's super cheap compared to the average Php5000-10,000. And our Devil's Foodcakes are all delicious, "chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and marshmallow frosting"; not those sub-par sponge cakes with fondant icing you get from most suppliers.

The flowers and topper are not edible lol (wood shaving flowers I got from Divi and topper from Papemelroti)


Kultura (you can find on many SM branches). I wanted a dress that I could still use after the wedding and of course, I didn't want to spend that much on it. Our wedding theme was perfect because my Filipiniana dress can be used on so many events in the future (conference attendance, graduation, costume parties, etc.) or I can lend it to people who needs a Filipiniana costume. My dress was just 6000php I think. Definitely less than 7k.


My college friends got their infinite dresses from LOVE HUMBLY (https://www.facebook.com/lovehumbly) and my high school friends had theirs custom-tailored. My sister's dress and the alampay (Filipiniana scarf) that the bridal party's wearing are from Divi.

Grabbed this photo from Kishi's IG


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/handmadecraftsph/

DIY-ed by one of my maids of honor, Tin Lim. Bridal bouquets can go as high as 20,000 pesos! Average would be 3,000-5,000 and that's for the bride alone. You still have to think about your bridal party. On my wedding though, I really wanted a pearl bouquet cause it goes well with the theme. I bought the materials at Tabora St., Divisoria and Tin hand-made the pearl bouquet and did the decor on the bridesmaids' fans. They were perfect! I spent not more than Php1500 on my bouquet set.


Makeup by Mykeca
Mykeca Advincula
Phone: 09171140314
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyMykeca

I posted a "Looking For:  Wedding HMUA" on a make-up group I was a member of and I got flooded with applications. Among all these, Sis Mykeca's work stood out. She was so nice, so professional, and super helpful. She stayed with me when everyone was already at the venue and I was literally alone with no bridesmaid to assist me. I kinda think she charged way too less (2000php) for her work but I was not really sure cause it was my first time to hire someone for HMUA. Bridezillas, don't haggle anymore if she gave her new pricelist ha! You're paying for great service AND friendship. Hehe. The cosmetics she used are all branded and high quality.


Our program host was Gold Villar, a seasoned theater actor. You prolly have seen her on tv too cause she appears on soaps/series. She's an artist-teacher at the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). Find out more about her here


Christian Soriano Photography
Phone: 09770932154
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christiansorianophotography

I saw his ad on OLX less than a week before the wedding. We were supposed to have our photos covered by a friend but he had a prior commitment so we had to last-minute find a replacement. I chose Christian cause his filters were perfect for our theme. You can see his style on the photos uploaded here. It's perfect, right? Right?

Service cost - Php4500 and includes 30pcs 4R and 1pc 12x15 prints.

Photo from Christian Soriano Photography Facebook page


The video coverage was sponsored by Onin Tagaro, one of our Ninongs and a progressive film-maker. Shouts to his team for everything.


DJ Supreme Fist
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djsupremefist/

The Philippines' best turntablist! A veteran DJ of the local hiphop scene. He played a set of chill, soulful, and groovy OPM classics on our wedding.


Novita Coffee
Phone: 09328901889
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Novitas.Coffee/

We decided to go with ground coffee as souvenir. I luckily found a supplier thru OLX and guess what? She works in UP Diliman, at the Institute of Small Scale Industries (ISSI). We chose Kapeng Barako and Kapeng Benguet as our giveaway and we just repacked them into small brown bags we stamped with our "crest".


Shallu Trading Kahal Coconut Wine
Ms. Laya Diaz
Phone: 09178932881
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KahalCoconutWine

Our gifts to our sponsors was the same as the wine we drank during the program - Kahal Coconut wine. I test-tasted this at a Kultura store and I was shocked with how delicious it was. It was sooo Filipino, fit perfectly for our theme. I fell in love with the packaging too. Oh and the owners were so easy to talk to. They delivered our orders for free and guess what again? She's an Eng'g graduate from UP.

Photo from Shalu Marketing's Facebook page

That's it. I can't believe how lucky we've been to come across suppliers who were either close to or came from UP and are extremely nice. Even the catering service was almost perfect, if not for that asshole head waiter. Of course, the pro bono services that our friends and family offered are priceless and will forever be treasured and appreciated. ❤︎

If you have questions or anything, the comment button is below the article title (if you're viewing from your mobile). Cheers!


  1. Hello Ms. Zeng! hindi mo na po ba talaga maalala yung name ng shop na binilihan niyo ng wedding bands sa Ongpin? :( Balak din po sana namin ng fiancé ko na doon bumili. Natatakot kami makabili ng fake. Thank you so much!

    PS: We are die hard fans of your husband! The "BLKD"! :D

    1. Hi Ruth! Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog! :) Umm, subukan ko hanapin yung card and receipt ha? Kagulo kasi after nung wedding, kung saan saan na napunta ang mga resibo. Hehe. Will update this comment once I find the receipt.

  2. Hello Miss Zeng! Sana may kasunod pa po itong wedding series niyo! Nakakainlove po talaga at nakakainspire lalo na sa aming mga babae na hindi pa kinakasal. Who would have thought that a simple wedding could be so elegant? God bless po!

  3. Hello! Curious where exactly in Divisoria you bought the Alampay?

    1. Hi Nicole! There's a street called Tabora in Divisoria. Along that street you'll see decor and other craft supplies. If you look through the stalls, you'll find aisles going into an indoor bazaar, the mecca of cheap Filipinia costumes. That's where I got the alampays. :) Again, you have to look THROUGH the street stalls. Otherwise, you'll miss the entrances. But you can ask the people there where you can find the sellers of Filipiniana costumes. They'll point you to the right direction.

    2. PS: Sorry, you asked "where exactly" and I didn't exactly answer lol. I cant find the calling card of the stall where I got those alampays. But it's just one of those stores inside the building once you're in there.

  4. beautiful wedding! <3 may i know the color of the infinity dresses worn by your college friends? :)


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