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#AllenAtZeng Series: Average Wedding Costs vs Our Actual Expenses

I was going through our receipts to tally all our wedding expenses and I figured I can also make a list of regular wedding expenses couples have to pay for. This can also be your guide AND YOUR CHALLENGE when you plan. So yeah... here it is!

Please note that the items below are all for the reception part of the wedding. There's nothing about church fees, wedding licensing, or officiant costs here cause we actually had that part almost free since we joined a kasalang bayan :)

Signing our marriage contract at PAGIBIG Fund-sponsored mass wedding

Everything in green are our expenses. All those in white are the average costs (super rough estimation based on my research and requests for proposals back when I was still doing our wedding planning).

I really recommend the DIY route if you can and if you have time. Because honestly, a lot of suppliers will just take advantage of you and your willingness to pay for your "perfect" wedding.

Looking at this table made me realize... daaaamn we spent waaaay more on our Japan trip. LOL. Just how we like it.

For the list of our suppliers and providers, please go to this link.

LowMidHighFor 100 guests
We rented an extra hour for the venue so we can have more prep time.₱10,000Venue₱10,000₱30,000₱80,000Wedding reception
We paid for 120pax and added another meal dish.₱47,200Caterer₱40,000₱80,000₱150,000
₱8,500Rings₱5,000₱30,000₱100,000Bands only, not including engagement ring
MIL did the styling₱0Stylist₱10,000₱30,000₱100,000Low-tier does not include props/styling materials, only the service; Stylists usually bring their stuff for mid-/high-tier packages
I did everything from planning to booking₱0Coordinator (Full)₱30,000₱50,000₱100,000From planning to booking to D-Day
Our friend, Marco, assisted us on the day of the wedding₱0Coordinator (OTD Only)₱15,000₱30,000₱50,000On the day of the wedding only; Couple must have fully booked everything prior
Our friend Gold was our host₱0Host₱5,000₱15,000₱25,000Hosting services may be included in the coordinator's package
₱2,000Stationery₱5,000₱15,000₱30,000Invitation letters, menu cards, guest book, etc.
₱4,500Media Coverage₱20,000₱100,000₱150,000Mid- and high-tiers may include photo- and videography with prenup photoshoot and same-day edits etc
₱6,000Bridal Gown₱5,000₱30,000₱100,000
₱1,500Groom's Suit₱5,000₱30,000₱100,000
We found amazing shoes at Payless and there was an ongoing promo lol₱2,250Shoes₱5,000₱10,000₱50,000
I only bought my sister's dress and all the alampay. The maids of honor and bridesmaids got their own dresses.₱5,000Wedding Entourage₱10,000₱50,000₱100,000For your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groom's men, couple's mothers, flower girls, ring bearer
₱2,000Hair and Make-up₱2,000₱30,000₱50,000Mid- and high-tiers may include HMUA for bride, groom, and 2 extra heads plus pre-nup and trial HMUA
₱1,500Bridal Bouquet₱5,000₱20,000₱50,000Includes bride's bouquet as well as bridemaids' and flower girls'
Our friend Paul (Supreme Fist) DJ-ed for us.₱0Entertainment₱10,000₱50,000₱100,000A DJ or a music band
₱2,000Gifts for Guests₱5,000₱20,000₱50,000Your guest sourvenirs could be really small and simple such as a notepad with your couple symbol or as grand as wine souvenirs etc
₱5,000Gifts for Sponsors₱5,000₱30,000₱100,000Assuming you have 10 sponsors; Gift costs could really vary
All others including the lechon baboy, decorations and other stuff we bought for designing the venue₱15,000Others

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