Thursday, July 27

Review: Optimula Hyaluron Poten Multi Gel by VPROVE

This is my first time to purchase a product from this brand. I've been visiting Seoul yearly since 2011 but I only noticed this shop on our most recent visit (last July 20-25). I guess it's safe to say that it's a fairly new company?

Anyway, the sales ladies waiting outside the shop in Myeongdong were the only ones giving freebies away. So we took the freebies (face mask) and went in the shop to check out their products. Most of the moisturising creams they tried onto our skins were expensive. But when we were ready to leave, this lady came to us and said they had this water-based moisturising gel that you can use on your entire body, yep, including your face! And that it was on a 1+1 promo that day. 

Three key words hit me: 1) water-based, 2) body + face, and 3) buy one, get one. SCORE! I tried it and I loved it. It was only ₩9,000 (just about Php450) and it came in a 200ml tube. But since it was 1+1, it costs only about Php225. Super cheap!

I researched its "promises" and here's what I got (info from BBCosmetic):

Features: 1) Contains moisture-attracting synhycan ingredients to make skin moisturizing, 2) Contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera leaf, 3) Soothing to the face and the body that are sensitive to external stimuli  
How to Use: After cleansing or when you feel dryness, gently spread it on face and body. If you use it on the skin that gets inflamed in the summer, it will soften your skin with moisture.
So today, I took it to the office and tried it out. I used it on my feet, legs, hands, and arms. I have yet to try it on my face; will update this post once I've done so.

Verdict: It's really nice!!! Oh I'm so happy with this purchase. Reminds me of Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion that I used to love. Even the smell was quite close. It dried off quickly and it didn't leave a heavy, sticky, icky feeling. That's what I hate about body lotions. So this one really is an item fit for me.

Cons: The only thing that can be improved is the container. It tried to look minimalistic but it sacrificed the details one needs to see to evaluate the product. I don't see the ingredients at the back of the tube. (I had to throw the box away when packing to save space.)

Anyway, this piece lasts for 3 years (if you don't use it up immediately, which in my case would NOT happen. I might have to ask a friend to repurchase for me, in less than 3 months' time LOL!)

All in all, I would recommend this product. Great work on this one, VPROVE! 

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