JP Trip Tip: Our Tokyo Itinerary

Posting this as a guide for those who're planning to visit Japan for 21 days. We stayed in JP from December 21 until January 10, dead in the middle of winter. But it was fun, especially cause it was sort of our "honeymoon", just 10 months late.

Below are the places we visited in Tokyo as well as nearby spots in the Kantō region and the things we did each day, plus photos of those moments. This isn't really an itinerary, more like a list of what we did, where we went, what we ate, and so on. I did not include costs/expenses anymore cause it's too complicated. I may just make separate blog posts for each stop.

If you have questions though, I'll be happy to answer them. Just leave your messages on the comments box below (on mobile, it's under the post title).

Kaminarimon at Sensō-ji

December 21, Wednesday
☑︎ Departure from NAIA Terminal 3 via Cebu Pacific 5J-5054
☑︎ Arrival at Narita Int'l Airport
☑︎ Checked in at IZA Asakusa
☑︎ Walked around Asakusa and Sumida
☑︎ Late lunch/early dinner at Tempura Tendon Tenya Asakusa
☑︎ Strolled through Edo Avenue, Komagata Bridge, Kaminarimon and Senso-ji Temple, Nakamise-dori Shopping Street

December 22, Thursday
☑︎ Taito bike tour (we rented a bike for 300yen each for the entire day)
☑︎ Lunch at Sukiya (one of Yoshinoya's two greatest competitors)
☑︎ Biked around:
   ☑︎ Sumida River Park
   ☑︎ Tokyo Skytree
   ☑︎ Ameyayokocho Shopping District
   ☑︎ Ueno Park

December 23, Friday
☑︎ Rented a bike again for the entire day
☑︎ Went inside Tokyo National Museum, Tōyōkan Asian Gallery, Kuroda Memorial Museum, Bentendo Temple. We attempted to go to the Int'l Library of Children's Literature but it was closed when we got there.
☑︎ Late streetfood lunch at Ueno Park
☑︎ Kaminarimon, Sensō-ji, Don Quijote Asakusa
☑︎ Returned bike to Tokyo Bike Parking Lot
☑︎ Walked to Asahi Breweries Building (but the museum was already closed)
☑︎ Experienced our first Asahi Dry Beer and Japanese Sake (c/o Nozomu-san of IZA)

December 24, Saturday
☑︎ Imperial Palace, East Gardens
☑︎ Exchanged our JR Pass vouchers at Tokyo Station
☑︎ Vendo meal lunch
☑︎ Nihonbashi, "Zero Milestone of Tokyo City"
☑︎ Akihabara
☑︎ Dinner at a kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi)
☑︎ Played gachapon (capsule toy)
☑︎ Christmas Eve Konbini Noche Buena ❤︎ (our Christmas eve meal were strawberry shortcake and fried chicken from convenience stores)

December 25, Sunday
☑︎ Tokyu Plaza Harajuku
☑︎ Takeshita-dori Harajuku
☑︎ Harajuku St.
☑︎ Meiji Jingu Shrine
☑︎ Yoyogi Park
☑︎ Dinner at Matsuya (the other competitor of Yoshinoya)
☑︎ Shibuya Crossing
☑︎ Hachiko!
☑︎ Shinjuku 109 

December 26, Monday
☑︎ Tsukiji Honganji Temple
☑︎ Tsukiji Fish Market (Outer)
☑︎ Ginza
☑︎ Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
☑︎ Shinjuku
☑︎ Odakyu
☑︎ Dinner (Ten-Tama Soba!)

December 27, Tuesday
☑︎ Rest Day :') (cause the harsh bites of winter winds are starting to take a toll on us)
☑︎ Skytree Solamachi stroll
☑︎ Sukiya dinner
☑︎ Cream cheese ice cream

December 28, Wednesday
☑︎ 1st JR train ride
☑︎ Kofu Yamanashi, Fuji-san view from Kofu (cap only)
☑︎ Maizuru Castle Park (former site of Kofu Castle)
☑︎ lunch at Saizeriya
☑︎ Kanda (Tokyo) Station stroll

December 29, Thursday
☑︎ Hostel transfer from IZA Asakusa Guesthouse to our AirBnB booking at Bamboo House Nishi-Nippori
☑︎ Akihabara
☑︎ Harajuku
☑︎ dinner at Seiya Ramen Shibuya (せい家 原宿店)

December 30, Friday
☑︎ Nikkō World Heritage Tour ❤
☑︎ Stop over at Utsunomiya Grand Marche
☑︎ Age Yuba Manju!!! (the best manju I've ever tasted!)
☑︎ Shimbashi Station Illumination

December 31, Saturday
☑︎ Harajuku for some New Year shopping (lotsa sales and discounts for NYE)
☑︎ Hakone Yuryo private onsen ❤
☑︎ Shibuya New Year Countdown 

Our Osaka (Kansai region) itinerary can be found HERE!



  1. Hi Kriezel, this question might be unrelated but how do you save up for your international travels? I've read from one of your posts that you regularly visit Korea (once a year) and other than that you also go to other places. So, how do you save up for them?

    1. Hi! Thank you for that wonderful question.... LOL! Well, I save up in many ways but one thing that really works with me is the PALUWAGAN system I do with my friends. I book a promo fare in advance so I already know when I'm travelling. Then I schedule my Paluwagan sweldo in time for that trip so I have pocket money. If you're familiar with that, I suggest you do that as well with your fam and friends. I've also tried setting up a bank account meant for all travel savings but it's harder cause you have to have will power to put money into that account. But with paluwagan, my friend who's in charge of collecting money just reminds us every month when it's due and I feel the responsibility and obligation to pay up. We do 2000php per month so after a year I get 20k+. That's actually enough for a 5-day trip for 2 to Korea!


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