Friday, August 18

Review: Balingbudai Insulated Lunch Bag

When you become a working person, actually, when you legitimately "adult" in life, you kinda appreciate all the little things you took for granted when you were a youngin'. The little nap times you squeeze in while at work, that pack of Skyflakes on your mobile pedestal that saved you from getting hangry at merienda time, and that sturdy lunch bag you got for cheap online. I wanted to share about that last one.

You see, when I started working for the government (a state U to be exact), I thought I would be one of those who'd go to the canteen/cafeteria and eat there. Turns out, I hate going out of the office at lunch. So I decided I'll just bring baon everyday. And to do that, I need a bag that can carry my packed meals.

I used to use a small eco-bag for this purpose (the free red ones you get from Wendy's takeouts) and then put that eco-bag inside my everyday bag. But the contents would leak and damn, it sucks having cooking oil all over your stuff.

That led me to searching for a nice, affordable lunch bag that won't make me look like a school kid. I saw one on Lazada and got it for just Php489. It's quite expensive for a small bag, but it's not just a bag.. it's Prada it's an insulated "thermal" bag.

It's been 4 months since I purchased it and have been using it 5x a week. So I guess it's a good time to leave my review. I'm happy with this bag because it:

✓ has insulation (it does keep the food hot for a couple of hours but this feature doesn't really matter to me that much since we have a microwave at the office)
✓ comes in a neutral design (denim-printed canvas cloth with red trimmings)
✓ is sturdy (there's no seam from the handle to the body, so I'm sure this won't break at the handle)
✓ has a back pocket for my loose change (which is super helpful cause it makes it easy to pay for my fare at UP Ikot)
✓ roomy enough to house my breakfast, lunch, fruits, and snacks (I even bring two glass bottles of juice sometimes and it still holds them up well)
✓ is easy to clean and it doesn't smell
✓ is affordable.

If there could be anything else I'd wish for for this product, I'd say:

- have more design and color options
- remove the logo tag or make it smaller

But I guess that would be all. It's perfect as it is.

Ok, picture time.

Here's the Lazada link if you want to purchase as well -> CLICK HERE.

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