Tuesday, August 15

Sitio Remedios: A Perfect Wedding Venue Up in the North

If I were given a chance to re-do my wedding plus unlimited money to spend on everything I need for it, I would choose to hold it in Sitio Remedios, Currimao, Ilocos Norte. A quaint lil thatched-roofed chapel that could house a seriously solemn ceremony and then a wide dining hall plus a huge open space for the reception. It's amazing.

I saw it once when we had our annual strategic planning in Ilocos. Sitio Remedios was walking distance to the resort where we stayed in (Playa Tropical). First step into its stoney path and I was already amazed by its rustic glory. The look of old houses, the smell of wood, and the sound of waves crashing by the sea shore. It's a fantastic setting to a romantic gathering of two souls.

It's still nice to just visit by the way, if you have no plans of getting married here. Sitio Remedios is a heritage village where you can see antiquities from decades past. There are about a dozen bahay na bato and each has its own character.

Below are some of the photos I took (edited with filters so I can translate how it felt when I was there and getting awed by everything :D).

PS: Look for other photos from other blog posts to see more sights from Sitio Remedios.


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