Sunday, September 10

Review: Seoul Kimchi Academy House Myeongdong

Annyeong! :) Sharing to you all our experience at Seoul Kimchi Academy House in Myeongdong. I booked this activity via Klook.

We're just so happy. Lol.

It was an activity us three (me with my mother- and sister-in law) have been waiting for. But I placed it on our last day cause that was our only free day to visit Myeongdong. Our schedule was at 12nn, and we got there early at around 11:30am.

First off, we didn't get there immediately. We had a hard time locating the building which the voucher from Klook said was just "100m and can see the 東洋빌딩". Nope, it was not that easy. That's why I took a star off the 5-star rating on Klook. Anyway...

There are 3 packages you can choose from and we got the Kimchi + Hanbok package.

There was still a family that was trying on their Hanboks when we arrived at the academy. While waiting for their batch to finish, we were offered ocha (traditional tea). We also browsed through the racks of available Hanboks so we can decide already which ones we wanna wear.

After the choosing and prepations, the hostess/instructor took my camera and asked us to pose many times across the entire room. She made us do finger hearts, nyaw nyaw pose, pa-demure pose, and more. It was so funny. The academy has various backdrops for photo ops.

Nyaw nyaw...
Mama Didi doing the... burger? While Alex and I do a... failed heart.

I set up my camera on top of a table and took a timed shot of this.

After about 30 minutes of picture-taking (we also had time to take photos by ourselves), we changed back to our clothes then proceeded to the kimchi making room.

We chose our spots on the counter and atop were the ingredients we'll use for our kimchi. The instructor explained the ingredients, how we'll do it, etc. Although of course the accent is still quite thick, we were able to understand her explanations in English. She also knows Chinese and Japanese, sugoi!

Mama Didi and Alex all ready to make kimchi

Our ingredients

Our instructor talking to the other joiners on our batch, tourists from Hong Kong

Money shot! 

After following her instructions and breaking some (like how much salt or chili to add haha! i like mine salty and spicy eh), we gave her our finished kimchi and she placed it in a plastic bag, sealed it, then placed it in another metallic foil bag and heat-sealed it as well. That way, you can take your kimchi home on your luggage.

Tadaaaa! So happy at the results of my kimchi making experience. :D

The experience was definitely one for the books. And for less than Php1500 I was able to experience all these and get to take home food that I made on my own. Happy memories indeed!

So if you're visiting Seoul, do try the Seoul Kimchi and Culture Experience and book it via Klook to save money as well.

For those who already booked their vouchers, here's the map on how to go to the Seoul Kimchi Academy building.

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