Monday, January 29

Review: Meike MK-35mm F/1.7 Manual Lens for Fujifilm Mirrorless (Lazada)

I've had a Fujifilm XA3 camera since June last year but I haven't really gotten around to practising with the manual settings. I often just set it on SR+ (automatic) and use it mainly like a point-and-shoot cam just with a better lens.

We'll be going to Taiwan in two weeks and I wanted to do some photography practice there that's why I decided to order a Meike 35mm manual lens from Lazada last January 21. It arrived a couple of days ago (January 27). Super fast! So here goes; an honest review coming right up!

Item: Meike MK-35mm F/1.7 Manual Lens for Fujifilm Mirrorless
Cost: 3622php
Freebie: Small lens bag
Purchased via: Lazada (link here)
Seller: Duoqiao (shipped from China)

This lens fits all FujifilmX cameras that have the FX mount as well as other cameras using the 4/3 adapter. There are several other Meike's in Lazada but you have to be careful cause they may be built for other brands. Always check the listing first and do not be afraid to ask the seller.

Upon receiving and opening the package, I noticed a small wet portion on the box. I was kinda worried that it may have damaged the item inside but when I checked, everything was ok.

The box contained the following:
1 x Camera Lens
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x User Manual
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Front Lens Cap
1 x Rear Lens Cap

The rear lens cap I was able to use with my kit lens when I removed it and replaced with this 35mm. The front lens cap can only be used for this lens because it's not the type that clicks and the size is smaller of course.

The freebie bag was also nice. It's dual-padded and comes in a basic black color. It can keep my kit lens while travelling and I can take them both and interchange whenever I want. This bag apparently costs 300+ pesos so it's a good freebie, IMO.

The lens seems like it's built of sturdy materials. It's quite heavy and made with a full metallic body so I guess this will need constant wiping to rid it of moisture and avoid rust. It will need a desiccant as well when stored.

It fits my XA3 perfectly, the lips latch on properly and I can't see any unwanted gaps or stray metal elements. The adjustment rings (those that move to adjust the aperture and focus) flow nicely, not too loose or tight.

My only concern here is that this purchase does not come with any warranty. So it is best to avoid any mishaps, otherwise, you'll see your 3622php down the drain.

Other than that, I believe this is a really good purchase from Duoqiao and Lazada. I've already recommended this to users on the FujifilmX Facebook group. :)

Sample shots (spare me from your harsh criticism as I am an amateur and I haven't really had formal tutorials with photography LOL):


  1. Hi. May I know if it is better than kitlens?

    1. Hello! Parang magkaiba sila ng properties eh. Pero mas kitlens pa rin nagagamit ko, kasi usually mabilisan ako magpicture, naka-automatic. Di ko magagawa yun with this Meike lens kasi manual lang.


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