Sunday, October 13

Going to La Seu d'Urgell from Andorra

La Seu d'Urgell is the nearest Spanish town from the Andorran border. It is in the province called Lleida in Spain. Since Andorran residents can freely travel to Spain and France without the need for a visa, I took a chance one Saturday to visit the farmer's market at the center to get fresh produce that I can cook for the week.

The bus stop is just beside the giant stairs in Caldea. Bus to La Seu leaves every hour starting at 9am. Fare costs €3.50 one way. The trip takes about 30 minutes and you must get off at the terminal, the bus station at La Seu. From there, I had to ask locals where the market was. "Perdón. Dónde está el mercado?" I followed their directions and finally got there. If you're too shy to ask and you happen to have a connection to Google Maps, just search for Carrer Major, that's the entire street for the farmers market.

Where else can you go when you visit La Seu? Well in my case, I went to the Cathedral of Santa Maria d'Urgell, a grand romanesque Catholic church which is also the seat of the Diocese of Urgell, the bishop being one of the co-princes of Andorra. Another place I visited was the Segre Olympic Park where you can watch athletes do white water and kayak trainings or just lounge at the grass, have a picnic, and people-watch. There's many other places to visit like museums, other churches, the monastery, more parks, community/art centers, but I'm saving them for my next trip.

Going back though was a bit tricky. I came to the bus stop at 01:05pm and saw the bus to Andorra leaving. I forgot that the trips are on an hourly interval only. So I had to wait and kill time at the nearby benches for about an hour to catch the next bus home. Silly me. So yeah, if you have a set time to be back in Andorra, make sure you come to the bus station at least 10 minutes before the bus departure time.

Here's a short video of my trip and the things I saw and bought from the market. Enjoy!

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