Saturday, November 9

Japan Tipid Trip with a Two-Day Osaka Amazing Pass

Went to Osaka, Japan last June 28 until July 2 and for the last two days I was there, I used the Osaka Amazing Pass (OAP) to enter various sightseeing spots and for most of my railway train rides around the city.

I got my OAP at the Tourist Information Counter outside the arrival gates at Kansai International Airport in Osaka. It costs 3600yen for the 2-day pass (approximately 1600php). You can use it to enter museums, gardens, watch shows and musicals, and ride the local trains and buses.

After my trip, I listed everything I should have paid for the places I've visited and all the train rides I've taken and it added up to almost 9000yen (approx. 4200php). Imagine that! 2600php saved just for planning. I didn't even really max it out because I had to leave for the airport by 4pm on my last day. I could have seen or done more with that pass.

Anyway, if you're visiting Japan soon and on a tight budget, I highly highly recommend looking out for tourist passes you can use. Below are two videos for the places I've visited using my OAP. :)

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